About Us
We are New Futures Strategists who design and build sustainable solutions to tackle (overcome) wicked global challenges.

We help you break down uncertainty, demographic and future trends into actionable items which will help you articulate your strategy today. Our networks cross disciplinary boundaries and entrenched thinking. Our consulting services are collaborative in nature and focus on tangible outcomes rather abstract reports. We assist you in co-developing solutions and incorporating them into your businesses processes. We are T-shaped interdisciplinary generalists (aka Versatilist) with experience ranging from industries such as electronic & high tech, education, consulting, hardware and software to clusters such as strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, and project management. Having had deep insights in those areas we are able to speak to diverse stakeholder groups inside and outside organizational boundaries. We apply human centered design and build approach to define solution that ensure all stakeholders' perspective are taken into consideration.

What our customers say...

"Leadership in innovation is one of their forte."
~ Paul Christman | VP, Retail Industry
Meet the Team
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Sally Brown

CEO and Chair Woman

John Smith

CFO and Mascot

Emma Kline

Vice President

Thomas Baggins

Project Manager
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